About TruckHelp Trucks

TruckHelp is a one stop resource for buyers of heavy-duty trucks, trailers and parts.

TruckHelp Trucks and Trailers section was launched in late 2012 to help shoppers find new and used trucks for sale. Unlike other paid truck advertising platforms out there, TruckHelp attracts a large amount of sellers through its free to list approach. This results in abundance of searchable inventory, for buyers, as well as fair advertising opportunity for owner-operators and dealers of heavy duty equipment.

TruckHelp offers visitors an option to search specific inventory from owner-operators and dealers, read reviews and company offers. Browsing by category, location, gross vehicle weight, price, miles, make and model are just a few of the features that TruckHelp platform offers to buyers.

We are a Portland-based, privately funded company that was started by a team of heavy duty truck specialists and internet engineers in late 2011.

TruckHelp Shop also strives to be the largest online marketplace for truck parts and accessories, working together with many manufacturers for heavy duty trucks, transit, school bus, light duty and medium duty vehicles, trailers, forklifts, off-road and many more. Heavy Duty Truck Parts section of TruckHelp can be found at http://www.truckhelp.com/shop/