1941 Ford F700

1941 Ford F700 Truck for sale

Truck Description

1930 Ford Model A Deluxe The condition of this car is very nice. It looks great, all steel original body in great condition. The doors open and close nice and line up great, hard to find on a vehicle like this. The front fenders are all steel, splash aprons are steel as well. The rear fenders are fiberglass. The body is original Henry Ford, nice and straight when you look down the sides, the fenders look great as well. The paint is in nice condition, there are a few flaws, that you will see in pics and video. I tried to point out the most obvious things. The biggest flaw is in the drivers side splash panel, were you can see the paint lifting some, do not push on it, or it will crack, the best thing would be to do, is first leave it, or if you want to sand it back out, and repaint the slash apron, that could be done as a weekend project. Also at one point it got a gas leak, and it leaked down inside the car, and got behind the paint, on the passenger side of the cowl, and it lifted the paint a little bit at the bottom of the cowl, you can see a couple small bubbles and imperfections. The fuel line has all be repaired and such so that is not an issue at this time anymore, it happen, so he fixed it right away. The glass all looks in good shape, the doors open and close, and windows all open as they should.

Information Card

Location:Los angeles, CA
Class:Medium Duty
Type: Truck
DELEON (owner)
Los angeles, CA 90008
call (323)444-4444
email Email This Seller
Additional Details
Engine brake: No
Gross vehicle weight: 0
Horsepower: 0
Ratio: 0
Rear axle lbs: 0
Front axles lbs: 0
Stock #: -1

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