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Provided to the community by Dweeves
Released under MIT OSL License
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Run Magmi With Profile: using mode:
Advanced Utilities
Configure Global Parameters Saved:Mon Dec 6 18:38:09 2021


  • Connectivity
  • Host:
  • Port:

  • DB Name:
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Table prefix:


  • Version:
  • Filesystem Path to magento directory:


  • Reporting step in %:
  • Multiselect value separator:

Dir & File permissions

  • Directory permissions:
  • File permissions:
Configure Current Profile (Default) Saved:Mon Dec 6 19:11:58 2021

Profile to configure

  • Current Magmi Profile:
  • Copy Selected Profile to:


This plugin enables magmi import from csv files (using Dataflow format + magmi extended columns)
NOT Magento 1.5 new importexport format!!
  • CSV import mode
  • CSVs base directory
  • Relative paths are relative to magento base directory , absolute paths will be used as is
  • File to import:
  • No csv files found in /home/truckhlp/public_html/parts/.imprt-magmi/import/grote-fix.csv

CSV options

CSV separator: CSV Enclosure:
Headerless CSV (Use Column Mapper Plugin to set processable column names)
Allow truncated lines (bypasses data line structure correlation with headers)
Malformed CSV (column list line not at top of file)



  • Import Report Mail Notifier v1.0.0

    This plugin can be used to send a email report for the import

    it uses PHP mail feature, please ensure your setup is compatible with this

  • Magmi Import Url UI v1.0.3
    This plugin provides a textarea that gives the wget or curl command line (or just url if you want) that will run magmi with current settings
  • Magmi Magento Reindexer v1.0.2
    This plugin calls magento reindex script via calling php cli



  • On the fly category creator/importer v0.1.6b
    This plugin let you create categories on the fly
  • Image attributes processor v1.0.17a
    This plugin is the new image importing feature of magmi
  • Product Deleter v0.0.2
    This plugins should be used to delete existing products

Input Data Preprocessing

  • Column mapper v0.0.3
    This plugin enables to change column names from datasource before they are handled by magmi
  • SKU Finder v0.0.1
    This plugins can be used in update mode to find sku from custom column in datasource
  • Default Values setter v0.0.5
    This plugin enables to set some default item values if not found in input source
  • Magmi Import Limiter v0.0.6
    This plugin is made to limit magmi import to selected record ranges or matching values
  • Generic mapper v0.0.6a
    This plugin provides value mapping for csv values before they are handled by magmi typically visibility & page_layout need mapping for magmi to process them correctly

Product Type Import

  • Grouped Item processor v1.1
    This plugins handles grouped item import
  • Configurable Item processor v1.3.7
    This plugins handles configurable import

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